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Intervision (NSW)

Intervision Design

Design & WordPress Agency.

With over 300 Websites & having been upsold by their old host onto a blend of different and quite varied solutions, it was time to get sorted.

In need of improved performance, effective support and a roadmap to support their growth plans, they came on-board with us back in 2017. We delivered on all fronts, and they’ve continued to enjoy ever-improved service in the time since!

Small through Serious

Designing, developing and hosting websites for Small Businesses through to Government & Medical companies, it was critical to make the right decision with their hosting provider.

Account Management

From generic service & false promises at the old host to personalised service backed by a local Account Manager with us, they’re able to relax knowing that help is there as needed.

Modern & legacy sites

Few agencies are free of all forms of legacy websites. This firm wanted to ensure that support would cover older sites through to their latest and greatest. Not a worry at all!

Over the years we’ve tried many different providers and about 8 years ago we migrated all of our sites to Merlot Digital. They’re incredibly helpful & professional.

Merlot have fine-tuned our VPS to give our clients improved speeds, and on the few occasions where an issue has occurred have been swift to fix them. We’ve been with them for half a decade, and have no plans to move elsewhere!

We love the personal service we get – they provide prompt advice and assistance when required, giving us so much more than your standard provider.

Intervision Director, Lorna Marty

Isaac Feeney

Worried? Migrating is easy!

Our clients are so happy that we’ll migrate you to Merlot Digital at no charge (per usual), and if you end up deciding that we’re not the right fit for you, we’ll provide a comprehensive handover to your new provider and make sure you’re happily off on your way.

No bad karma, no burnt bridges: service how it should be!



Fixing weak & slow points! 🛡️

Before migrating their agency over, we identified their main problem areas – these ranged from slow performance, to inadequate security, to room to change some of their workflows to further improve on the “Ideal Hosting Trio”.

Reliability – Security – Performance :: These are at the core of our solutions.

Modernised underlying software stack (Web & SQL)

Updated Dev to Prod workflow and BTS practices

Off-loaded a major workload from their cluster

Automated WP caching to work for their biz

Designed & deployed Packages & Pricing


Merlot Digital™ & Intervision Design.

It’s critical to everyone that your business operates on the most tried and tested foundations possible. We invest tirelessly in our infrastructure and network, but more importantly we’re committed to powerful relationships that can be depended on year-in and year-out. This is no different with IVD.

Lorna and Jason Marty – Northern Beaches locals – have run Intervision Design for over 20 years. Since 2017, they’ve refined their Sales processes to focus on clients seeking premium design.

Direct access to their local Account Manager (Engineer)

Confidence that issues will be handled right every time

Future-centric plan for Hosting growth at Intervision

Intervision's internal processes guided by our crew

Australia Roos

Clients sharing the Merlot Digital love

What do some other customers reckon?

Thank you to the Merlot Digital team for making the migration of our services so easily and the on-going management a pleasure. Your business support has been outstanding.

Sam V.

Marketing Firm, Australia

Excellent customer service & attention to detail. They’re always happy to discuss things at a level I can understand. I’ve recommended them to friends who’ve been impressed.

Roger A.

Dental Practice, Australia

Delivering Value

above & beneath the surface 24/7.

100% Australian family-owned.

Not a fan of overseas tech support games? We don’t believe in endless department transfers, nor making you repeat what we already know.

It’s easy to get help from Lenny and the gang.

60-day Money-back Guarantee!

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give you 60 days to work out if we fit in for you.

Refunds are easy – reasoned or not.

We're redefining Hosting Servers

Hosting and Cloud needs to be different when it comes to Agencies. Online isn’t nearly as good as “blazing fast”.
Focused on premium service backed by reliable high-performing systems that do more, we’re here for your successes into the future.

Our crew have been in this field a long time now and have seen many companies come, go and sell out to overseas.
We’re focused on investing in Australian Business, and continue to be locally owned and operated.

Not sure? Don’t fear, if you don’t love us you can leave under our 60-day money-back guarantee!