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Our History

Continuous improvement. Since always.

Taking a continuous improvement approach to how we do things at Merlot Digital, we’ve evolved from offering enterprise-grade Hosting to the general public, to only offering Managed Servers to a select client-base. During the earlier days of our Hosting involvement was Web/App Dev/Design service, and then Managed ICT too! Along the way, we’ve consistently reviewed the past and present, and refined our business offering to improve – again and always.



Ink Websites

This is where it all began. Offering too much for too little! Design including Websites, Applications, brochures and beyond.
It was a great avenue for exploration as it led to a deep understanding of managing simple & complex projects.
We worked with tiny clients & small businesses all the way through to Mercedes-Benz and Red Rooster!


Ink Systems P/L

As things got serious with staff coming into the company full-time, we incorporated while our office was located on Help Street, Chatswood NSW.
This is where our Managed IT helpdesk was operated from, triaging and resolving issues for clients of all sizes. Architects, corporates & all sorts.
We operated the Domain Names and Web/Email Hosting side underneath the same umbrella as the IT – a single port-of-call for tech services.



Hosting was forked out to the Leopard brand where it was refined over 5 years, ultimately ending with no regular Hosting on sale by 2022.
From there it was focused on Managed Servers while still offering services like Domains, SSLs, and fan-favourite Internet Radio Broadcasting.


The Network Crew P/L

Right as we were looking to ramp-and-exit the IT space, a bat flew out of a cave and we sat down to have a long hard think about our game-plan.
This led to consensus to rename the company and our primary brand, to better identify what we do. Since Ink began, so much had changed.
We’re now able to focus TNC as a consultancy of sorts, and operator of infrastructure – while businesses under it can specialise within.


t/a Merlot Digital

With so much focus on Fully Managed Services, it was inevitable that we looked in the mirror and went “hmm, that just doesn’t fit any longer”.
This is where you join us with a celebratory glass in hand, in 2024 where we’ve finalised the re-branding of to Merlot Digital.
Our legacy Hosting was sold to a client of ours! We’re kicking things up a gear and focusing attention on more functionality & integration.