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Weapons-grade tech. Monitored 24/7.

Technology is here to help us thrive, and we aim to use it indispensably to help your business prosper.

This means staying on the leading edge, upgrading things even when it means a couple of end clients have to make a decision (site rebuild etc, Joomla v3 anyone?) & only building systems where we’re using enterprise-grade tech.


WordPress Performance

Leveraging the WP-CLI as well as our in-house TNC Toolbox plugin (on, on top of industry-leading Web Stacks, we’re the provider who doesn’t just claim their systems are fast, we make sure of it. Behind the scenes we’re always working to enhance performance, keeping your client websites running smoothly and successfully 24/7.

PHP v8 & MariaDB v10

PHP v8 & MariaDB v10

Latest stable PHP versions are deployed across all systems, with older versions only available for a defined amount of time to support upgrade works. Same goes for SQL Databases, which are all run through MariaDB and its various engines. From there, we optimise their configurations (such as php.ini and my.cnf) to boost speed.

Dev to Prod made simple

Dev-to-Prod, made simple!

There’s not much more frustrating than getting approval to go-live and then hitting a raft of issues. We’ve spent a great deal of time hunting around to uncover a simple and effective method to publish from dev-to-prod with ease. It’s included with all Managed Servers and makes your life a doddle when the client says “GO!”.

Tier IV & Redundant Optical Fibre

Tier IV & redundant Optical Fibre

Quality systems need quality facilities, and this is where NEXTDC Tier IV data centres come into the fold. They provide the weapons-grade reliability and services that we need, alongside intelligent systems which give us the flexibility to safely manage DC assets remotely. Within NEXTDC, we run our diverse optical fibre network.


Managed Linux (orchestration)

To ensure we keep configurations consistent, expectations managed, and systems properly managed, we orchestrate our systems. There are still many jobs which are on-machine just for you, however overall when performing management work, to keep administration quality high, we need tooling that enables it to work at scale.