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WordPress Performance

Merlot can scale endlessly. So can you.

Square pegs don’t fit into round holes, yet where there’s cross-applicability it’d be silly to do what many hosts do, and say “you can’t do that”.

Linux Servers are inherently powerful machines, and we allow you to leverage what you need, how you need, to suit your business’ needs as it scales and evolves with time. Where you’re open to it, we’re always here to assist – as there tends to be more efficient ways, systems, etc. More time = better work.

Automated security & patching

Leveraging a range of systems, we ensure that our clients deployed software and extensions are all up-to-date, including in zero-day instances (exploits). This way we’re removing low-hanging fruit that is constantly being ravaged online – removing a large amount of risk. From there, automated security sweeps such as file/folder permissions/ownership sound simple (and are), though give you real security improvements against the raft of threats.


PHP on NGINX & LiteSpeed:
Unrestricted, performant & reliable.

Our clients’ Managed WordPress Servers operate the latest 2x sub-major versions of PHP. For example, PHP 8.2 and 8.3. We work with all of our clients to ensure timely removal of EOL/insecure versions, removing drift from a secure baseline. Similarly, we ensure that baseline php.ini configuration is realistic and delivers real-world speed for demanding modern-day sites.

Servers are configured on NGINX+Apache (reverse caching proxy) for low-end plans and LiteSpeed Enterprise (LS Cache for WP) for high-end plans, though we are spearheading work with CloudLinux for pure NGINX in 2024 – excited!

AccelerateWP + PHP X-ray:
Targeted WP advice, fuelled by Linux

There’s a new toy in the play-room, it’s CloudLinux OS Pro, including PHP X-ray, AccelerateWP, Smart Monitoring and other functionality that we’re leveraging for our Managed Server Clients. X-ray lets us configure moment-in-time or continuous tracing jobs against websites, including adding on-site JS code to boost diagnostic output, helping to “go all Sherlock Holmes on it”.

AccelerateWP is on-server and on-site software that examines your website in runtime to evaluate room to improve, cut down on load times, etc. We couple this with insights like PageSpeed, GTmetrix, dual-layer caching (+ in-browser) and more to knock the socks off your visitors, regardless of site complexity.


Database Storage:
Latest stable MariaDB, tuned to suit

Our systems aren’t limited to Content Management Systems, and similarly you’re able to leverage SQL Databases for whichever system you need/want. For instance if you’re working around Learning Management Systems you may need complex systems like Moodle operated – this can also be done, as it also uses PHP & MariaDB.

Balance of performance & security:
We’re an ISP, owner and operator

We own and operate our networking and compute equipment, and colocate it directly within NEXTDC Tier IV data centres. This means we can ensure total quality and control over the end-to-end experience – volts through bytes. It has also enabled us to adopt FOSS-first policies, which have weaponised us.

During our system planning and building processes, we work to be thoughtful, methodical and realistic in how we develop improvements. Our clients’ feedback is the single best thing for us – every year it lets us improve.