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Local Support

Bespoke service with legendary help.

Focusing on delivering bespoke service with legendary support has always been our cornerstone. That hasn’t changed one bit since day dot.

Our operations have been engineered to be scalable yet personal, and after decades evolving through Application Development, Web Hosting, Managed IT, Technical Project Management, Systems Engineering, Auditing and well beyond, our incidental courtesy consultancy is weapons-grade.

Articles for key situations

There’s always room to improve our KB – it’s where our clients go for first steps. This is a public resource and expands based on requests. Many of our clients have internal documentation/SOPs/etc rather than leveraging the Knowledgebase. It’s there as a bedrock for repetitive jobs as well as explainers for processes, etc.

Support Tickets:
For issues, queries, etc.

Our ticketing experience is designed to be simple and effective. We leverage system functionalities to procedurally handle issues and queries end-to-end without hassle or “I’ve already explained this” situations! 1 ticket per-issue, no recycling old tickets, proper categorisation and reporting makes it seamless to request help.

Account Manager:
Direct access to passion

Nothing beats a quality personal relationship behind a great business partnership. For this reason we employ Australian Technical Account Managers who are more than just “I’ve passed that to the relevant team” – hands-on, interactive and calculated, they are considerate in giving you leading consultancy-style assistance always.

Slack Connect:
For clients with Server Cluster

Chat is real-time and can lead to rapid-fire troubleshooting to occur. This is offered to clients who retain a Server Cluster with Merlot – being more than 1 active server. They’re connected to our engineers via Slack Connect, meaning you don’t even have to leave your Slack Workspace to interact with your local friendly faces.

Escalation Pathway: Help no matter the time.

When you on-board, your welcome information bundle contains a methodically structured escalation flow that must be followed to escalate issues.
This is an emergency set of info, which empowers you especially in the event of there being a critical issue which requires above-average response times.