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Always aiming higher. Caring for Earth.

After many years in business, we’re passionate about doing few things well. The Network Crew makes a concerted effort to always build on experiences and what we’ve learnt – to never oppose feedback – and to always aim higher than we think is possible. Time has also taught us to not work with everyone, it has to work well or it doesn’t work well at all. We’re carbon-neutral and go even further by donating 2% of our Card revenue to Stripe Climate.

Our History

Our History: Ink > Leopard > TNC & Co.

We started out many years ago as Ink Websites, a tiny website development/design operation focused on small businesses in need of help. That morphed into Ink Systems which was Hosting and Development with IT Consulting also available. With COVID, IT was ended, and the Hosting morphed into Managed (via Merlot).

Open to feedback

Doing it right: Linux + best practices.

We’re not the type to run Windows Servers, it feels yuck. Our goal is always to do it the right way for the client – which means high-performance without compromising on security nor reliability one bit. For instance, in 2021 we made the bold move to rebuild from VMware to open-source KVM/QEMU hypervisors.

Look after our staff

Family-owned: Aussie owned & run.

Since the very beginning, we have been free of investment and entirely self-funded. We have taken a slow and steady route to growing our Hosting efforts, and this has resulted in a refined Managed-only experience through Merlot Digital, where clients are empowered to be bold without so many limitations around their work.

Our ASN & Gear

Our ASN & Gear:
Flexibility abounding.

By investing in owning and operating the optical fibre network all the way through to the physical servers that run client Virtual Private Servers, we afford us and therefore our clients ultimate flexibility. Having your own kernel is a must-have, not optional – just one example of where we refuse to compromise on your systems.

Contact Us

Contact us:
However it best suits you.

Whether you only need help once in a blue moon, or if you like to consult about day-to-day decision making, you’re always welcome to make contact. We’re available by phone, email and for cluster-holding clients Slack Connect too. All clients have escalation which begins with raising a ticket and notifying your Account Manager.