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Email Security

Near-perfect reputation. Quick delivery.

We process thousands upon thousands of emails every hour of every day, 24/7/365. Yet we maintain almost-perfect email reputation.

How? By giving a damn, employing quality email security systems, scrutinising systems and filtering efficacy, along with proper abuse report and Feedback Loop (FBL) handling always. Where any client websites/mailboxes get carried away, we’re onto them, and in turn you’re your end client – issue, sorted.


Basics done right: FCrDNS, bounce defective

Right back before you can get emails flowing successfully, you have to ensure that you’re respecting the vast online world we live in. There are specifications otherwise known as RFCs (Request For Comments) handled by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Just be adhering to the defined methods, you’re ahead of many. Our machines are all managed, and thus are all subject to our rigorous engineering standards, which includes our duties as an Email Service Provider to the world.

Default routing/config: Compliant & effective

There are some settings which ship by default with software, cPanel being a notorious example, where you sit back and ponder “why on earth would you do it like that out-of-the-box?”. Such as the default routing for invalid email addresses, being to route them to the system user… and not bounce it back as invalid mail. We strip all configurations right back and build systems out to be secure, performant and flexible – while ensuring a very locked-down and thoughtful approach is taken too.


Always-on Filtering: Self-learning system

On each managed machine are a set of basic-moderate efficacy anti-spam systems, such as SpamAssassin. Beyond that, where a client has a Server Cluster (being more than 1 active server with us, excluding nameservers) not only do you enjoy chat support via Slack Connect, you also get a dedicated Spam Filter for your firm.


Feedback Loops: Acting before impact

With so many emails being sent both genuinely and maliciously every week, and so many pieces of software (a la CMS) behind websites globally, it’s no wonder that with time and cyber-attacks advancing, more and more sites are impacted – and then send out spam for a short while. We act on reports early, and work with you.

Microsoft 365: You on-board to sell

Someone has to say it so here goes – yes, you can host emails within regular Web Hosting accounts – and for a very long time this has been standard. Though there’s a point right around 5-10 real/live mailboxes where that no longer suffices. Beyond this, we work to on-board you as a Microsoft Partner to on-sell with margin, M365.