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Managed Linux

Reliability & performance. Patched.

Systems Engineering and Administration, done with care. Have faith in the engineers behind your clients’ presence.

We take pride in how we build, operate and improve our systems – and are always open to feedback to further refine our processes and systems. At the end of the day, it’s all about improving your experience and delivering more value, through smarter systems (such as patching regularly).

Updated 24/7 & regularly

We have all systems configured to hot-patch kernels where possible/required, which involves KernelCare live-patching kernels during runtime, to abate security issues without the need to reboot the servers into new kernel versions away from normal update cycles. From there, we update kernels fully at monthly intervals as well.

Major Version

Major Version:
Bumped when safe

For instance, in 2024 we will be upgrading legacy servers from CloudLinux 7 to CloudLinux 8. This is done via a process called Elevate which leverages Leapp software, however isn’t done until it’s stable. We’ve done this already for CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 (for DNS only, as all Managed Servers are CloudLinux) and it went smoothly.

Reputable vendors used

You can have a gorgeous car, though if you fit it with dodgy wheels and brakes, suddenly it will feel far less composed and “as it was meant to be”. We are passionate about leveraging only quality software on our systems, as this helps to ensure a secure, performant and reliable environment. Quality software for quality solutions.

Software: Reputable vendors used

High-quality maintenance

Imagine having to do a job a thousand times – not a nice feeling. For servers, we use orchestration tooling to run playbooks across groups of machines. This allows us to handle operational and maintenance tasks with ease, rather than having to do painstaking work. This improves the quality of SysAdmin work by allowing focus.

Config Drift:
Ensuring clients work safely

There’s often a right way to do things and a dirty way to do it quickly. We understand that clients can be time-pressed however also need to balance this with security, especially given the rate at which cyber attacks knock on the door. Regularly our systems self-optimise and will resolve problems like bad permissions (777) & so on.

Config Drift