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Tier IV & Fibre

Enterprise-grade kit. Premium service.

There have been some incredibly good Australian providers who’ve gone by the wayside due to never owning their own infrastructure.

We’ve taken the long road, and are one of very few boutique providers who focus on high-quality service, backed by enterprise-grade systems under the hood, to deliver truly great services. This means we can deliver on your needs, evolve our offering, and enjoy ultimate flexibility across all areas.

NEXTDC Tier IV: Data Centres

If you pay peanuts for Data Centre space, you’re not going to have a good time. There are some in Australia where industry folks know how to gain entry without appropriate credentials! Not with NEXTDC, they are the “right way around”. We left Equinix after it became clear that they’re too corporate to approach tech sanely.

Redundant Fibres: Varied exit paths

We utilise the diverse cable routing pathways available from our primary Tier IV facility – this means in the unlikely but not impossible event of a civil works contractor digging quite nicely through a multi-strand bundle of optical fibre cables, our diverse pathway will be unaffected & carry on as if its friend were never hit in the heart.

Optical Network: Dual Uplinked & stacked

All of our network switches have dual optical fibre uplinks, and themselves are stacked to each other via proprietary high-density links. This enables a chained switching layer, which is redundantly fed by each of our core routers. Combine this with OSPF and you have truly diverse internal routing in the event of a failure.


Monitoring: Temperature, Humidity, Security

Our main facility sits around 22 degrees celcius and 50% relative humidity. We can track these metrics with ease, and receive reports about them regularly. From there, we have real-time alerting on those as well as security events – like people entering our rack-space, such as NEXTDC staff for power rail auditing works.

DR to Off-site: In case of a Sydney disaster

Customer and corporate servers are backed up to dedicated infrastructure in NEXTDC, and from there we have an off-site DR facility which houses a full copy of the main backup system. This covers off the eventuality of any major problem in Sydney, large enough to cause you bigger problems, but hey – servers covered.