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Automated WP

Meet our mates: WP-CLI & TNC Toolbox

From deploying clients’ new websites, migrating websites for new clients, responding to CVEs, patching plugins/themes/core and beyond – automation is key, as it saves you real time and makes life simpler. Our focus is on doing things the right way, even if it’s difficult to do it properly, we will work with you to do it right. Between our usage of WordPress Command-line Interface (WP-CLI) and our approved WP plugin “TNC Toolbox”, we’re here for your firm.

Deploying a Website

Working with our Managed Clients, we assist those with old-school deployment processes to adopt a new era solution. This tends to involve one of a few methods, the most common being based around Duplicator/Updraft back-ups of a clone/baseplate account which is up-to-date – used to spin-up new accounts with ease.


Migrating a Website

Depending on the Hosting underneath WordPress, it’s simple to export a website – whether via WordPress Admin itself (ie. Duplicator archive) or the Hosting (ie. cPanel Full Backup). From there, depending on whether it’s to archive (for a new website to replace it) or overhauled/retained, it’s all easily doable on-server.

Updating a Website

If your Server/s with us are going to be primarily WordPress-based, then we’ll deploy your machine/s with WP Toolkit Deluxe instead of Installatron. If you’re likely to need more breadth of platforms, then we’ll revert you to Installatron as it can handle Drupal, Moodle, Joomla, and other systems with ease, as well as trusty WP.

Maintaining WordPress

Whether you’d like visual functionality or are more of a terminal lover, we have solutions for you. Our systems regularly scan for irregularities, resolve security issues, advise of updates needed, and beyond. WP CLI is available on all machines, and we recommend public-key authentication for SSH/SFTP, making uploading a synch.


Expanding on WP (plugins)

Where there’s a valid need, we’re open to collaborating on new plugin efforts for your firm. This can be to offer specific functionality to your end clients, or to otherwise enhance their experience. As we deploy TNC Toolbox, which we maintain, if the functions desired are more server than website, that’s our preference.

We support all themes and custom set-ups