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Domains & DNS

Internet Addresses, done right. DNS, too.

Your clients’ address on the internet, it’s as good as 42 Wallaby Way in terms of recognition – though beyond having it stand out, it’s crucial to ensure your bedrock (DNS) is in the right hands. When clients on-board with us, it comes with private Tier IV Managed Servers in Sydney, DNS in Brisbane/Melbourne.

Domain Names: Old & newTLDs

Online 24/7 you’re able to register and transfer from any one of hundreds of Top Level Domains (TLDs), including a raft of newTLDs alongside Country Code (ccTLDs) and beyond (gTLDs and so on). Even those which are heavily restricted, we’re here to assist you with delivering your clients’ needs.

DNSSEC & auLOCKDOWN: Available

We appreciate the critical nature of DNS security, as it represents such a tender attack point for organisations of every size. Due to this, we actively empower and endorse a range of fortification efforts – such as DNSSEC, to cryptographically verify the authenticity of DNS serving, by verifying DSDATA.

Client Server Hostnames: Slick & Sensible

On-boarding with us isn’t your generic – it’s a considered effort to overhaul your online operations during and beyond your migration over to greener pastures. This includes your hostnames online, which tend to be short, sweet and sexy – if we do say so ourselves. Or your way.

Updating DNS/EPP online: Immediate Sync

It’s critical to have faith in your tools, and let’s just say that online systems weren’t meant to stay in touch with batch update systems into this day and age. So we make sure that if the system tells you that the update has been performed, that it has most certainly been done – and this means globally pushed.

Bulk Pricing: Available for volume holders

Where you hold hundreds/thousands of Domain Names and speak with us about volume rates ahead of transferring, we’re usually happy to organise tailored pricing to support your upscaling operations. We refuse to up our prices more than is absolutely necessary, so won’t agree to razor-thin margins.