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Tuned Speed

Empowering Enhanced VPS Solutions.

There’s a reason you can have engine ECUs reprogrammed (or “tuned”) to drive better – it’s to suit your individual driving needs.

Same story with Linux Servers – every server service which comes on a Managed Server ships by-default with its own set of recommended configs. We find that the majority of these are inadequate, and some are outright rubbish. So we maintain SOEs and deploy/manage these for our clients instead.

VPS Deployed:
From our templates

Systems Engineering maintain Virtual Machine Templates of the latest stable version of CloudLinux and bundled softwares. This means we only have a small update delta for each new machine, and have guaranteed known-optimised configurations, in terms of baseline level for Merlot Digital clients. And that’s just Step 1.

VPS Deployed
Configs Refined

Configs Refined:
Based on our source

Depending on how your source infrastructure looks, we will typically advise about how to reduce usage/loading by making improvements here and there. This can be actioned by you or us. From there, based on the final state of the source systems, we make amendments to your running configs on the target machines with us.

Workload Tested:
Enhance via your loading

Nothing beats real-world load, so we check to see how things are looking post-migration, at the end of each migration wave. This allows us to evaluate how it’s all looking, and as we’re transparent you’re emailed about any eventualities of accounts hitting caps (for investigation, and escalation if needed). All is looking good.

Fine-tune Services

Fine-tune Services:
Enhanced performance 24/7

Once everything is across and we’re happy with performance, we ask you for detailed real-world feedback about how your public and private systems/experiences are rendering, performing and so on. There can be some work at the start, which is mapped out and resolved by now – like being PHP8-compatible and so on.

Monitor & Adapt:
You evolve, so must Servers

Tomorrow isn’t today. Our crew are always here monitoring logs, alerts, charts and trends – optimising configurations in our Standard Operating Environment (SOE) to deliver the best performance, reliability and security possible. These methods are always open to further improvement, based on your valuable feedback/criticism.