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Together with WP. Your digital partner.

There’s nothing like a good set of systems to really spice up your day at the office, and that’s why we’ve refined a reliable and fast way for you to easily update clients’ production websites from your running dev instance (when the time is right!). We see our job as being your digital partner, hence all time saving is important to win-back. Where you find room to improve, the best thing you can do is contact us – else we don’t know about speed bumps!


Deploy WP:
Use your baseplate

This is where your baseplate comes in (don’t worry if you don’t have one, we’ll guide you). Clone it to a new account and pull it in, so you’ve got your baseline in-place such as needed plugins, your normal theme, any needed licensing, WP configs (do you love /wp-content/uploads/2009/10/ as well?) and all the other gotchas sorted.


Build it out:
Use your magic

Secret herbs and spices feature here, you whip out the special ingredients and deliver magic to your clients’ screens. They believe you have changed their world, and they’re right. Whether it’s quick or slow (content, content, content…), this step takes as long as it will, and once it gets to the business end it’s time to make a move.


Revise & approve: Do the needful

Whether it’s a one-shot wonder or the client wants so many revisions your forehead veins bulge a little bit, it reaches approval and gets the sign-off that everyone is happy with the masterpiece. Final content additions are made, blogs configured, integrations linked in as much as they can be, all the early prep is handled now.


Prepare to launch:
Checks & tweaks

If it’s a small website, you shouldn’t have too much to do here. Though if it’s a large website with a huge database powering it, then it’s worth ensuring your data is quality, deduplicated, optimised and not unnecessarily spewing out logs/etc into database tables or disk files. Debug mode goes off. php.ini tweaks. Find-replace. etc.


Push it from dev-to-prod:
Takes moments

You login to the online panel and tick a few boxes, then off the system goes to update the production website from dev. This pulls over data, new folders, database contents, configuration – you name it, the system shifts it over. References get adjusted, and typically aside from cache purges our clients find it reliable & hassle-free.