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Doing it Right

Raising the bar. Keeping it passionate.

Our crew are passionate when it comes to not band-aiding issues, and everything related to that school of thought.

We prefer to handle everything properly and professionally, while not forgetting how to enjoy life along the way. This has involved some major work over the years to continue evolving our business to better serve yours, now and on. Taking the time and building systems properly pays off every time.

Open-source first:
Staying open is good for all.

By embracing codebases which are open and inherently flexible/adaptable, we unleash abounding potential for our clients. This also means there are far more sets of eyes on such code globally, reducing the risk of major security issues going undetected for yonks (as mostly bad hunt closed-source).

It also means we can (& do) give back.

Open-source First
Transparent Support

Transparent support:
Honest replies, always.

It’s important to be real with support, both us to you and you to us.

Effective replies from both parties leads to excellent troubleshooting with cautious haste. We work with you to ensure that getting help is efficient for everyone, and go further by offering Slack Connect to clients who retain Server Clusters with Merlot Digital. Effective help, when & how it suits.

Reasonable pricing:
Designed to respect all.

We’ve learnt the lesson of being too cheap, and we’ve steered away from it.

Our approach is to have a select approach to how we work, meaning we can give total assistance to our client base – and know that with each client, we could happily go and meet up for lunch, drinks, etc, and have a nice time!

Reasonable Pricing
Enterprise-grade Systems

Enterprise-grade systems:
Redundant & weapons-grade.

Not only do we utilise enterprise-grade components inside our enterprise-grade systems/facilities, we go further by ensuring there is redundancy and spare parts availability at each location. To minimise edge case impact.

This combined with remote monitoring of everything including temperature, humidity and security – we’re all over your systems & under-the-hood. Since day one we have never deviated from Dell kit, as they have never failed us.

Open to feedback:
Always listening: good & critical.

Getting better is what business is all about – life for that matter too.

If you have feedback we’re always open to it. Improving your experience improves everyones’ experience, and that means a great deal of flexibility is afforded – all due to insights being shared and listened to.

Imagine if the supermarkets (exc. ALDI) and insurers did! Bliss.

Open to feedback