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Digital Advisory

Complimentary Consultancy, by Merlot.

Support is all well and good, though sometimes you find yourself needing advisory in an odd situation, or a normal one – and if you’d like assistance, under your service coverage with us, you’re welcome to complimentary best-efforts consultancy / advisory. If it touches into Web, we will work to help you.

This weaponises you, as it supports industry-leading decisions. You are empowered, knowing you’ve got your Partner in Digital.

Hosting: Assistance in all realms of Web

This touches many realms, and ultimately too many providers go hands-off right when it gets interesting. That’s not our style. We’d rather see things through 100% so you’ve got the comfort of knowing that things actually get fixed! Apps to code problems to performance issues, we’re all over it.

Domains: Broking, claiming, disputing, etc.

Whether you’re hunting for a new Domain and want a professional representing your attempts to acquire it, have been cornered by the AU regulator to comply with strict doc requirements to retain your AU Name, or something else entirely – we’ve been around the block, and are here to get you through.

Storage: Cloud, NAS, Disaster Planning, etc.

We’ve seen a lot of hype for a lot of things. NFT, anyone? Where it counts, we pay a lot of attention. Where our clients want to excel and optimise their systems, we’re here to assist them as needed. This involves all sorts of help around the periphery – routers, internet ordering/delivery, NAS/Cloud/DR, etc.

Integrations: Seamless flows, pipelines, etc.

Typically there are off-the-shelf FOSS solutions which can be leveraged to solve business pain points, however in some instances it can be more efficient to arrange a simple or complex linkage, depending on the use-case. We can assist to work out how best to proceed in your/clients’ specific cases, every time.

AI & Automations: Scaling up towards 2030

You’d be a fool to not pay at least some attention to AI/ML/AGI. There is so much movement and its pace will only increase. Where you’d like help deciphering the maze, we’re here for you. From there, you’ve also got fairly limitless potential – where we can win you back time each week, year round.

Tendering & Documenting: Expert verbiage

Whether you’re seeking a major project or looking to make a targeted and bespoke movement – we can assist with delivering technical information clearly to any range of audience types. This may seem a little “why do you offer technical writing” though with time, most of our clients end up needing help. 🙂