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Our ASN/Gear

We’re part of TNC. They’re AS138521.

In the engine room of our operations are enterprise-grade systems housed within the best facilities offered in Australia. From the optical fibres coming into the buildings, to the hypervisors we build servers atop, to the software stacks inside each VM, there is care and thought given to all facets of our technical stacks. We are a direct APNIC resource holder via The Network Crew Pty Ltd, our parent – everything we’ve built, we’ve built ground-up.

AS138521: We are an ISP with control.

After many years operating via colocation under other providers, we made the decisions to both on-board with APNIC (to receive IPv4, IPv6 and ASN resources), as well as partner with NEXTDC into their Tier IV facilities. Both of these, combined with open-source hypervisor & up – total possibilities.

On-boarding with APNIC means we have portable and powerful internet addressing, never to change again. Tier IV means our systems are reliable.

Dell Servers: DDR5, NVMe & Xeon Gold.

By harnessing reliable Dell Cloud Servers and filling them with enterprise-grade components (ie. CPUs, RAM and SSDs), our clients enjoy no operational downtime thus far due to any part failures, which could not be handled via existing redundancies that are built into the systems.

Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC RAM, and Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10. Servers networked via Optical Fibre, with OOB access at machine-level.

NEXTDC Tier IV: 100% Uptime in Sydney.

Previously in one of the world’s largest DC providers, we were tired of having no online control, no ability to track their interpretation of power usage, and most importantly no views into the environments within – temperature, humidity and security events.

We know what’s happening, when it’s happening and how.

Open-source Hypervisors: QEMU always!

Starting with open-source Linux hypervisors, we only deploy KVM (QEMU) instances which means you have your own kernel – nothing shared.

From the hypervisors up into your VMs, we hot-patch kernels to ensure security (KernelCare), and have quarterly hypervisor update routines where we do a major audit of all systems – such as identifying and resolving config drift. Our systems are balanced and never oversold, with all metrics monitored.

Leading-edge SOEs: Innovating. Going further.

Taking default configurations and implementations doesn’t tend to yield good returns. We take an engineering-first approach to this, and instead work hard to understand systems, and then implement them according to your specific use-case.

Our SOE where it makes sense, and client-tuned SOE where it’s needed. There is always a solution, it’s about working out which makes the most sense.