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Help (WHMCS)

Optimise automations. Improve support.

Empowering your end clients comes with your business, and every business is unique in how they manage those relationships. We recommend that firms optimise their automation, billing and support via WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution), with whom we’re a Partner.

It gives your clients easy 24/7 access to it all. Reduce your workloads, empower your clients. It’s a win-win.

Automated: On-boarding, Billing, Admin

It should be simple to welcome a new client on-board. You’re supposed to excel at what you do best, and that’s not meant to be jobs which can (and should) be automated away. So we do – once deployed, we get your clients and services imported and synchronised, so that you can make the move and enjoy automation!

Supported: Hosting, Domains, SSLs, etc.

Your clients are then able to make contact with your teams via email or online system 24/7, and browse through their history with your teams whenever they’d like. In turn, you can report on how much time your staff/clients are spending where, and on what, and improve your filtering/knowledgebase/etc as you continue to scale.


Tracked: Campaigns, Projects & beyond

The applicability of WHMCS doesn’t stop at Hosting and Domains. You can use it to integrate sideways with other systems, or simply to use Products/Services for whatever else you need to invoice out. This is especially useful if you end up using WHMCS for most normal billing admin, partially replacing Xero (if it invoiced, etc).


Reconciled: Quote, Invoice, Project-charge

It can issue, send, follow-up and handle events like prolonged non-payment of invoices. You can send quotes out, and once we’ve set up WHMCS properly, you will enjoy beautifully designed billing documents. The design and verbiage all comes back to your business, no two WHMCS-supported businesses use it the same way.


Streamlined: Buying process, 1st encounter

When prospective clients visit your website and interact with a purchase/intent link over into WHMCS, the best thing you/we can do is to actually step through that process and iron out any problems. Removing such friction points, especially where it’s annoying fields etc, improves their first experience and keeps things warm.