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Family Owned

Australian family owned & run!

Through and through, we’re Australian family owned and run. That means 100% and it’s kind of a big deal these days.

It’s a raw and fierce passion of ours that we retain ownership of our business ventures – as only this way can we ensure that everything is done properly. Once it becomes about returns, it all goes to crap. This is why we remain diligently focused on organic growth via best-practices – it’s hard to go wrong.

Luke Thompson

Luke Thompson

Director & CTO

Emily Ruggero

Emily Ruggero

General Manager

A true family operation.

We believe that small businesses are limited mostly by preconceptions, undervalued self-worth and the struggle to effect change once years into known-stable processes. It has been an unwavering goal of ours that we remain independent and continue directing and operating our business locally, as we always have done. Focused on doing the best we can 24/7.

Zero Investment

Zero investment:
Doing things properly.

There’s little good to be had from investment, except of course exiting which many eventually do. Some though invite small-scale investment which can creep up and lead to further rounds and subsequent dilutions. It tends to be a slippery slope unless done very well, and even then – what is their end goal?

Ours, to grow reliably and sustainably – as we have for more than 10 years.

Continuously improving:
Learning & evolving daily.

Getting better is part of maintaining internet-facing systems. If you fall behind, you’re compromised, or bland at best – it really is that simple.

We go beyond the norms on all fronts, and aim to leave each year behind, able to look back and reflect thinking “the business is even better than this time last year”. Growing slowly and reliably means total care for all during.

Continuous Improvement
Decision Making

Real decision making:
Always staying honest.

Our senior staff are empowered to not only propose new directions and decisions, but also to question those from others – “Swiss Cheese it”!

Organisational nightmares can stem from changes starting small and being un-objected-to by the majority. By keeping your ears and eyes open, and speaking up when it matters, critical thinking stays in play at Merlot.

This gives our clients confidence to leverage us at tough times.

Look after our staff =
Caring for our clients.

It’s a beautiful situation when you don’t need to worry about the clients, because you’ve taken care of your staff.

We believe that good people work well with good people, and that by looking after our people, they will look after everyone else. The rest happens every week, every month – and is why we do what we do, for you, 24/7/365.

Look after our staff